Message from Swami about Sue Levene’s passing

Om Namah Shivaya

Blessed Souls,

It is with great grief and inexplicable sadness that I write to share my love and respect to my great devotee Susie (Sue Levene who was born in October 18th,1949) who I lovingly call Gayathri Ma.

Even yesterday I had spoken to her and wished her on her birthday and today the thought of her sudden demise comes as a great shock to me.

Being a Saint, emotions are to be overcome but my heart’s hurt and sadness cannot be expressed by words. Gayathri Ma was one of the first few people who came to my ashram from UK. She has one of the  most beautiful soul and was a wonderful human being. She first came to my Ashram in 1989. Ever since our association I and my mission have always been supported by her good heartedness.

Ever gentle, kind, humble and free of ego, Gayathri flowed her kindness, compassion, and unconditional love to all around her. When she stayed in my Ashram, she never once complained about anything. She adjusted with whatever little facilities we had and never once showed any discomfort of not having the amenities which she is used to in London. She is kind not only to people, she is also kind to the animals, birds and plants. Once in Kannur she found a stray cat and took it to the Ashram and looked after it  – giving it milk and biscuits daily and made a small box for it to sleep comfortably. She wouldn’t kill the mosquitoes sucking her blood and would tell it’s coming for food and so let it just go on it’s own. Such was her kind nature. She was careful enough not to harm insects and not to step on the line of ants. In London I have always seen her watering plants and tending to it whenever she gets the time. Even if she forgets to eat, she will never forget to offer food to the birds that come in her garden. What a noble heart she had ?

When I go to visit her place, she will look after all my needs like my own mother. I have seen her sacrifice many things for doing service to the poor and needy. The words she spoke were always kind and never hurt anyone. She never raised her voice – her humility and respectful nature made her endearing. She has stood with me like a pillar of support ever willing to help and serve  whenever needed. Dear mother, I will greatly miss you and great grief engulfs me thinking about you.

She has now become the Divine Light that shines brilliantly and she will brighten this whole world like the glowing sun. Her kindness and compassion to all living  beings both movable and immovable – have reserved a special place in the Kingdom of God. Her beautiful soul has now become ever more beautiful like the freshly blossomed flower in the garden of God, the fragrance of which spreads far and wide.

May her beautiful soul inspire us all to be like her – an exemplary human being as God would want us to be.

May her divine light illumine us all showing the way forward imbibing her values of kindness and compassion.

May her love give the world warmth and comfort because rare is such a human birth who has devoted her entire life to serve the lesser beings including plants, birds, animals and insects.

The earth has lost its true child – the one who cared for every being and we have lost a dear friend but she will live forever and ever in our hearts and through our service.

May her love, compassion and mercy show us the way ahead.

I offer my deep love and respects to my dear Gayathri Ma. I pray for her soul to immerse in the golden light of the Supreme Lord and become one with it. I hope all my dear ones join me as I pray for her as she makes her final journey.

Beloved Gayathri Ma, we will always miss you and cherish the goodness you spread in this world.

May you shine like a diamond up in the vast sky, dispelling the dark clouds, showing us the path ahead. You are always with us, you will never die. We shall pray for your soul to merge in Divinity.

Om Shanti.

Love and blessings,
Swami Atmachaithanya
Kannur, 19th October 2018

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