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The Path of Wisdom

Swami has written a number of books to share his profound spiritual ideas and observations, in the form of aphorisms, poetry and question and answer dialogues. He has also written to books on elements of yoga and alternative medicine.

You can contact us at the bottom of this page to express which book(s) you may be interested in purchasing, or if you simply want more information. All proceeds go towards Swami’s humanitarian works.

Divine Fountain of Wisdom

A collection of Swami’s sayings and quotes which he says “have been gathered by my writings and discourses over the years, starting from as early as the 1990’s to the present… inspired by my life experiences, journeys and vision of the world… In this book there are 365 sayings – one for each day of the year. It doesn’t matter how many years you have lived, how you live each day of your life is what matters the most… This day, this time, this moment is what we have in our hand and it is how we spend this moment that will decide our future”.

Universal Vision – Poems of Inspiration

Swami Atmachaithanya has written a beautiful body of work combining lucid, poetic meditations of refreshing simplicity with his own exquisite illustrations. These poems unlock interconnecting doors into more and more rooms in the mansion of the imagination. Whether about the power of love or the price of ignorance they serve to delight and enlighten the reader as a day to day inspirational guide. A work of art, full of love and wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This book is also available in French and Malayalam.

Cosmic Glory – Poems

In Swami Atmachaithanya’s second poetry book we are invited on a sublime journey. We are gently guided and encouraged towards a deep and profound experience of truth. Travelling beyond the mundane we surrender to the exquisite beauty and love expressed within these verses. This experience allows for transformation, fine-tuning the senses and bringing us into focus with the eternal.

Universal Nectar – Poems

A beautiful collection of soul-touching poems inspired by Mother Nature in her different forms that Swami experienced as he travelled to different parts of the world. It takes the readers from the snow-capped mountains in the Alps to the banks of the Yamuna in India. As one delves deeper, one realises that the jungle represents the muddle that men are in and how one can be awakened by simply looking within! A profound message lies encapsulated in each poem – unravelling which is a pure delight!

Jewels of Spiritual Thought

These Spiritual Thoughts are very valuable in aiding spiritual seekers to lift themselves from the mundane to the higher spiritual realms.

“Arise and awake from ignorance and attain a state of realisation, that is the realisation of Atman (Self); Atman is present everywhere and manifests itself under all circumstances. Atman is Brahman which is eternal Bliss.”

Swami Atmachaithanya

Treasures of Eternal Bliss

In this book Swami Atmachaithanya has given us access to many jewels of spiritual wisdom. Within you will find help, encouragement, wisdom, compassion, succour and truth, to guide you along the path, and to help you when you stumble. This is the perfect book to delve into daily; to inspire meditation, to guide your day-to-day activities, or simply as a comfort when life is difficult. Each inspirational saying by Swamiji is illustrated with a stunning photograph of the natural world.

The Path of Wisdom

Swami Atmachaithanya answers questions about the nature of the divine and how to live our lives in the modern world. Swami’s answers reflect the path of wisdom that we need to take through life in order to find inner peace and ultimately our way to the Divine principle.

Homeopathy in Daily Life

This book on Homeopathy is a useful resource and easy reference book for lay people and professional homeopaths alike. Some of the new remedies mentioned in this book were grown in the author’s medicinal garden in Kerala, India. These new remedies have already been successfully used in the treatment of various illnesses. The book contains further chapters on Biochemic Tissue Salts, Bach Flower Remedies, Auras and Chakras.

The Art and Science of Ayurveda

This book gives the origins, evolution, schools and branches of Ayurveda and contains information on the basic concepts of Ayurveda, including Panchakarma (5-fold treatment for diseases) and Marma and concludes with an appendix on Yoga Vidhya.

Sri Chaithanya Yoga

The adoption of a daily yoga practice brings immense benefits, both physical and psychological, and this book invites the reader to embark in a practical way on a course of yoga for wellbeing and self growth. Yoga theory is explained, along with an extensive asana section, and also a number of Swami Atmachaithanya’s teachings for chakra purification and spiritual development.


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