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Swami’s Ashrams in India

Swami has three Ashrams  (centres of spiritual retreat) in India.

The first ‘Shanti Madom’ is in the village where Swami was born, near to the town of Kannur in Kerala state. The second ashram, ‘Chaithanya Puri’ is located some 30km to the east (also in Kerala). The third ashram “Chaithanyapuri” is located near Hesaraghatta, Bangalore in Karnataka.

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Required Documents

Please note that in order to comply with official requirements, visitors need to bring a copy of their passport, their visa and two passport-size photos. If you are visiting ashrams in different states (i.e. the ashram in Karnataka and an ashram in Kerala), you will need to bring 2 copies of your passport and 4 passport-size photos as you will need to register in both states.

There are now new regulations for anyone planning to travel to India for medical treatment. This will apply to all types of medical treatment including Ayurvedic or other forms of alternative medicine. The Indian government will require travellers to have a “Medical Visa”. Please see the website of the High Commission of India in your country.

Shanti Madom Ashram

Shanti Madom


P.O. Azhikode

Kannur – 670009

Kerala State


Sri Chaithanyapuri Ashram (Kerala)


Kovoor Road


P.O. Pattannur


Kerala State


Directions to the Kerala Ashrams

The nearest town to Shanti Madom ashram is Kannur (also known as Cannanore), about 20 minutes by taxi. (Buses and rickshaws are also available).

The second ashram – Sri Chaithanyapuri Ashram – at Nayattupara in Kovoor is about 30 km east of Kannur.

The nearest airport is Kannur International which is approx 40 minutes from Shanthi Madam Ashram and 20 minutes from Chaithanyapuri Ashram.

Other nearby major airports are Kozhikode and Mangalore:

Kozhikode Airport is about 2 hours and 40 minutes by taxi to Shanti Madom Ashram. There are also trains or buses from Kozhikode station to Kannur station. There are no direct flights from outside India to Kozhikode.

From Mangalore Airport you can then either take a taxi – 3 to 4 hours by car; or a train to Kannur Railway station. Mangalore Train station is about 1 hour (or more) by taxi from Mangalore Airport.

Sri Chaithanyapuri Ashram (Karnataka)

Athmachaithanya Road

No. 27 in Dasenahalli Village


Bangalore 560088



Directions to the Karnataka Ashram

The nearest airport is Bangalore [airport code is BLR]. From Bangalore airport it will be at least 1 hour by taxi to the Ashram.

From Bangalore

Coming from the centre of Bangalore or the railway station Yesvantpur: jump on the bus 253 to Hesaraghatta (straight connection) or any bus going to Jallahalli cross.

See below for follow up from Jallahalli cross.

By bus from Majestic take platform 20 and bus 253k & 253j to Hesaraghatta/Dasenahalli. Sometimes early morning it can take over 1 hour, then take from the same Majestic platform 20 the bus to Jallahalli cross.

From that point you are on Tumkur Road, from there you pass through 2 traffic-lights more west to T-Dasenahalli. At that point you see on the right side an Indian Oil petrol station. Here you turn right into the Hesaraghatta Main Road.

Till Hesaraghatta busstand it will be about 15 km. From here it is about half an hour walk but easier to take a rickshaw.

From Hesaraghatta busstand you go straight along the main road on the left side till you pass after 1 km first the government school on the left side and then a private school “Jnana” also on the left side. After 100 metres turn right at a small concrete bridge.

After about 1 km you pass a few houses on both sides, and then take the first (sandroad) on the right and after 200 metres take the turn to the left. From there you see the ashram 100 metres away.

From Mangalore

If you come from the direction of Mangalore just before or after the toll booth turn left onto the service road and stay there for a few km. Continue, please see above from Indian Oil petrol station, but from this side you have to turn left into Hesarghatta Main road. Continue, see above.

From Mysore

Just before Bangalore there is a Big Ganesh Golden Statue on the right side, exactly opposite is the entrance to the Nice Road.

Take the Nice Road till Tumkur road (toll booth).

At the end after the toll booth keep in the right lane and this will pass over the Highway Tumkur Road.

Take the left turn and keep left on the service road, a few km, till on the left side you see the Indian Oil petrol station.

Turn here to the left and see above for the rest of the direction.

Ashram Guidelines


On arrival at the Ashram, please remove your shoes and wash your feet at the outside taps.


All visitors to the Ashram must record their contact and passport details on the day of arrival. This is required by local police.

Morning programme

  • 5.30 am Wake up and shower
  • 6.20 Puja – prayer, spiritual sadhana
  • Breakfast
  • Seva – Support any work that needs to be done in the ashram
  • Join Swamiji for his teachings


Under no circumstances may toilet paper be used as drains will block.

Cigarettes & Alcohol

These must not be consumed during your stay in the Ashram or brought onto the premises. Please also do not bring eggs, meat and fish into the Ashram. (Flower remedies or other medicines preserved in alcohol are permitted).

Cleaning the Ashram

As part of seva it is expected that you will be responsible for cleaning your room, and share the cleaning of common areas e.g. bathroom, toilet, stairs, kitchen, with other visitors staying in the Ashram. WASHING-UP – Also share in the cleaning-up after meals and be responsible for washing your own plate and cup.


This should be modest and simple, with no unnecessary jewellery, make-up or perfume/after-shave. Shorts are inappropriate dress for both men and women. Women need to be especially vigilant, ensuring that underwear is not showing through thin clothes. Indian suits (salowar, chemise) are available in many Indian shops in Western countries.


Be economical. Always turn off the fan and light in your room when not needed. Take a torch as there are occasional power cuts.

Holy Shrines at the Ashram

These are endowed with powerful energy and should be treated with respect.

Necessities of Modern Life

Manufactured products which have become ‘necessities’ of modern life are often superfluous in the Ashram. As there is no refuse collection, all inorganic waste has to be burnt. Out of consideration for the environment and for the people who live in the Ashram, please think carefully when you pack your suitcase.

Showers & Clean Clothes

On rising in the morning have a shower. Wear clean clothes before doing any spiritual sadhana, or eating breakfast.


Please do not waste water. Do not leave taps running while doing washing up.

On leaving the Ashram

Please take your used bed-linen to the appropriate place and leave your room as you would like to find it – clean, tidy and empty of rubbish.

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