September 10, 2019

Blessed Souls, 

I wish everyone hearty wishes on the blessed occasion of Onam.

Onam is an occasion to celebrate peace, harmony, happiness and unity of mankind. It encourages everyone to live as one unit beyond the limits set by class, caste or religion. May God bless everyone with peace, prosperity and longevity.

The sole reason for all problems on earth is the ignorance of human beings about his true nature. When each one of us is engaged in his or her own responsibilities with love for fellow beings, then supreme harmony will prevail on earth. Then gradually we realise the divine essence of our true inner self. We realise the immense divine potential within us. Then we see no difference in our fellow beings and we start loving everyone as we love our own self. This requires us to understand our own self first. Then we can love everything else equally. Hatred and ego will disappear and harmony sets in within and without. This can be enabled by chanting the Divine name and by being in the company of the good and the pious and adopting selfless service.

This goal can be achieved by living a true human life. Let the entire mankind be moving forward in absolute unity, love and harmony. This is the ultimate message of Onam.

I wish everyone a very memorable Onam. Aum Namasivaya—-Swamy Athmachaithanya

From Elk Horn, Wisconsin

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