September 17, 2019

Blessed Souls,

When we sow a seed, we have to wait patiently for it to sprout into a sapling grow roots and shoot and wait till it finally blooms and give flowers and fruits. Each plant has different time period for fruit bearing. We have to give it fertilizers and ample time based on its nature. Only then we will get ripe fruits.

This applies to man also. He has to grow, learn and educate himself, gain experience before we can settle with our feet firmly on the ground. Any profession or business we chose to engage in, we need to give time so that we gain experience and good will from others. Let it be a clinic or any centre or professional practice- we need time to build hope and trust , meet expectation, gain expertise and so on. So we must wait patiently. It is not like we go and buy something instantly from the market.

Life is a mixed bag of ups and downs. The one who is patient will always have sweet success. Do not get carried away by failures. We must know that setbacks are only a method of testing our determination. We must always have strong focus on our goals. We must strongly visualize it. Only then we will be prepared for meeting all that life throws at us. Only then we can taste success. Positive thinking is the key to success.

You have great privilege and opportunity. There is nothing to worry. All you need is dedication and commitment coupled with faith and trust.
Nothing is instant in this world. Every success is backed by great patience and determination.

I wish and pray for you always. We must always realize the importance of human birth. This is our chance to reach the ultimate realization.

So be positive and work enthusiastically. My prayers are always with you.
Like said in the Gita – always do your karma and do not hanker after the fruits. With God’s grace all will come to you.

With love and blessings,
Swamy Atmachaithanya

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