September 17, 2019

The human birth is a precious gift for having taken many other virtuous births in the past. We must live it in the right manner full of love and respect for our fellow beings. We must always maintain the sense of discrimination in daily life. Our actions must never be impulsive and motivated by anger. Anger is very destructive for the self. Anger also invites hatred from others. We must always descriminate the good and the bad. Our life must be an example for others to follow. We must always be composed. Often misunderstanding and misconceptions lead to anger. We must have good thoughts and attitude and must maintain devotion, patience and love in all our activities. Only this will lead us to the ultimate truth.

The philosophy propounded by the ancient rishis of India are eternal guiding light to the entire world. That encourages unity and teaches everyone to love others like one’s own self.The entire humanity must live like the beads in a rosary, woven and knitted together, in unity.

The flowers in a garland may fade in time. That’s natural. That transformation has to happen. We must mature from being a child to a wise individual. We must not remain child always. Our nature must be to maintain our righteous responsibilities to self and to the world. Only with purity of heart and mind is this possible.

My only wish and prayer to Almighty is to maintain peace and unity in the world. May all be blessed with comfort, peace and tranquility. May the entire world be peaceful and harmonious. May all be peaceful alike. May all love one another.

May there be ultimate peace for all and the entire world — With Love and blessings,

Swamy Athmachaithanya

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