October 9, 2019

Swamiji visited Muyyipra Sri Mahadeva Kshetram, at Chundapparambu, Eruveshi, Payyavur (670632). It is a very ancient and powerful temple, which is currently being renovated.

It has as much significance as that of Dakshina Kashi (Kashi of the south). It is surrounded by the divine atmosphere all around, which brings about mental peace and tranquility. The temple was struggling to carry on its day to day activities, but due to the benevolence and generosity of Dr Prashanth, who had total surrender to the Lord, the temple is carrying out its function. Whoever visits the temple is given mid-day meals as Annadhanam.

Swami visited the temple with Sri Kanakaraj and Sri Vinesh. Visiting this temple is a very great opportunity, as there is the great divinity of Lord Shiva present. Lord Shiva is showering His blessings on whoever who goes there. Swamiji prayed to Lord Paramashiva and Jagadeeshwara that the temple renovation is completed soon.

If you are planning to come to this part of the world, definitely visit this special temple and be blessed as this place has significance of Kashi, which is the most pious place of Lord Shiva. Such places should be visited at least once and visiting and having Darshan is one of the biggest blessings. You may also contribute to the temple construction in whatever way you want. If we help or contribute in temple construction, according to scriptures, your seven generations will be benefited by its merits and your ancestors will get peace in the other world. So all may take part in this great opportunity in whatever way you can.

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