January 1, 2020

Blessed Souls,

It gives me immense happiness to wish each one of you a blessed and happy New Year for 2020.

It is a time to look back on all the events that happened in our lives. Learn from it and get energised to go ahead in life. Let’s nurture love, unity, brotherhood and goodness in our lives. Let’s learn from our mistakes, overcome our shortcomings and let’s rebuild our lives with hope and love. Let our Dharma and Karma inspire the generations to come. Let’s aim for greater ambitions and higher goals. Let’s aim to bring freedom, happiness and harmony in our lives. Let’s have independent thoughts and actions. Let us work for the betterment of all the beings in this world. Let there be love, faith, understanding and unity in this world.

I’m praying for the happiness of all in this universe. May you all be blessed with happiness, good health, long life, peace and prosperity for a happy and vibrant 2020.

With love and blessings,

Swamy Atmachaithanya

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